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Our Mission

  • What's This About?

    Our neighborhoods need prayer all year long. Prayer-Walking the streets would become a powerful lifestyle. We are here to encourage you to do that. We need your feedback in coming together in unity and parthering to further the Kingdom of God in the streets!

    • Creating The Spark
    • Walk In The Fire
    • Fan The Flames


  • Fellowship

    Being inspired with Tuesdays at 2 pm EST and engaging with others doing the same in your city and county!

    • Scripture Teachings
    • Prayer Requests
    • Testimonies each week


What are the top three things you would like to see
on your street?

Prayer-Walking the Streets as a Lifestyle

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Our neighborhoods need prayer all year long. Prayer-Walking the streets would become a powerful lifestyle. We are here to encourage you to do that.
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Align Divinely

Creating The Spark -- In this first phase of praying, we will deliver an extra awareness of your delicate, vertical plumb line with God's Peace in your mind, heart and spirit together.

Agree Divinely

Walk In The Fire -- In this second phase, we learn to release a power of agreement by actively using a special technique called Praying In One Accord with the Lord and one another.

Go In Him Divinely

Fan The Flames -- In this third phase, we will focus more on - As you GO. Step by step you will stretch your faith and soar with Love, signs, miracles and wonders. They will follow you!

Will you answer the clarion call and join us to serve on your street?

Meet Cathy Schock

  • Intercessor

    “I love people. I love walking and praying on the streets. I love watching God's Plans and Purposes unfold in people's lives. It is hard work but so rewarding to leave a legacy through Divine Appointments and Good Will. It is my pleasure to release joy, hope and kindness to others. I am willing to share God's love and compassion with the world, starting on my street. That’s what this prayer walking is all about. Teaching you to walk in Spirit and Truth, will not only bless you and yours but also, will enrich those who live on your street and beyond!”


  • Prophetic Artist

    Cathy is the CEO and founder of "Art Of My Beloved" and has numerous accolades under her belt.

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A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back to back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple chord strand is not quickly or easily torn apart!

-Ecclesiates 4:12.


  • "It has been a privilege to train and to equip ordained Minister, Cathy Schock. I can say without a doubt, her life touches many as she is a great carrier of such inspirational and transformation prayers wherever she goes."

    Dr. Elizabeth McBurrows, Rio Rancho, New Mexico

  • "I can say it has been completely worth the time and effort watching you paint live at our weekly worship gatherings. I have watched how people’s lives are touched uniquely by GOD’s Spirit through the Arts in the streets!"

    Denise Emerine, Director of Greater Toledo House Of Prayer

  • "I honestly didn’t know what to expect when you came to blow the shofar, but was immediately surprised that it wasn’t the same kind of thing. Thank you for providing your time, praying and loving others in the streets!"

    Beth Bayliff, President Of Lima Aglow – Lima,Ohio

  • "Because of my broken heart in 2012, I look back at the day I decided to take the next steps to experience such healing for quite some time now! I can say without a doubt, the prayers and worship changed my life! I can only thank you!"

    Victoria Bell, Director of Bethlehem Dance Education

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